Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Thank you!!!

Thank you to all who put in their two cents to feed my children! I also googled "healthy meals for kids" and came up with the kraft website! Some of you expressed similar concerns with feeding your children, if so you should really check it out there were snacks, breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas! And erica as usual you are flippin' martha,betty, and wisteria(sp?) lane all rolled into one! Thanks for the advice! I will let you know how it goes!


Erica said...

lol...betty...martha...and wisteria...the wisteria part i'll take as a compliment..it all depends on WHO you're referring to on that lane :) and i'm FAR FAR FAR form betty and martha...plus...remember, i'm brown :D

The Deeds said...

Hey Guys,
I hope you all are doing well. Candace it was so awesome talking to you today(It's been forever). We miss you guys so much. I really hopr this blog thing helps us stay in closer contact. I love taling to you guys. Aaron i hope work is going good, or as good as work can go. You are such an inspiration to me and you give me hope knowing that one day I too might finish school and get a good job like you. Alysse you are getting so big and pretty. I love your little pig tails(they are so cute). I wish you were closer so you and brooklyn could play together or beat eachother up which seems to often be the case, but whatever its all out of love. You are growing so fast. Be nice to your mom and dad. My little Ashlyn, I miss my favorite niece. I'm so glad you love school, I'm sure you are the coolest little diva in the class. Your mom told me you love the grey jumper we got you. That is awesome!!! I bet you look so cute in it. As for the candy, I heard your mom and dad ate all of it, but dont worry there is more where that came from (next time hide it). I will talk to you guys soon. Cliff