Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy 6th birthday ASH!!!

I cant believe it has been a whole month since my last post...things have been flying by until we impatiently wait the arrival of our new little bundle...but we took a time-out last weekend to think about one of our existing children...ASHLYN. I cant believe she is SIX and starting first grade! It seems like yesterday that she was running around in a diaper, with bobbling little pig tails. She is one sweet girl and I can honestly say she did not get it from her mother! She loves making people laugh...and cares deeply about people being happy, and enjoying life. She is my reason for ever wanting more children...and is my best little buddy. Happy birthday Ash we LOVE YOU!!!!
So I was extremely excited this year to have something...anything...i would have done a metallica birthday over anyother princess, Fiary, high school musical generic party...and to my great astonishment ashlyn decided she wanted to have a tea party birthday!!! YEAH!!! And I took off with the idea. Being 9 months prego did put a small damper on the birthday fun but thanks to bella and all her AMAZING talents we pulled it off! And had alot of fun along the way. All the girls wore tea dresses and had their make-up done. Then they all slipped on their white gloves and necklaces...and attended our fancy tea-party. Aaron played waiter but ash kept calling him the butler. She loved having dad wait on her. We then played games and broke the pinata.Then sang happy birthday with her tea pot shaped cake...which was a feat in itself...but once again completely thanks to bella ashlyn had the cake we had designed as was so excited about her teapot b-day cake!!! All the girls had a blast and ash said my fav. words every year..."this was the best birthday ever!" Which always makes me feel like it was worth it! Happy birthday ASHLYN!!!