Friday, November 21, 2008


After months of anticipation!!!! Twilight finally came out. And I was seventeen again...atleast for a couple of hours.I went to the mid-night showing, twilight tee in tow and was just as excited as every tweeny bopper there...well with the exception of bella... I had so much fun running around the theater and sqeauling. We played games and a ate alot of candy while we waited for the movie to start. It was almost surreal as we sat there and the clock hit tweleve. I didnt get alot of pictures because I was afraid they would take away my camera. Without giving anything away if you still plan on seeing it later...I really really really liked the movie...was it perfect??? but it was really good. and it was so much fun to see the book come to life on the big screen. I saw it again on saturday just to take it all in....yes I am obessed and happily admit it! I thought kirsten stewart was really good...i was a little scared how well she would do, but i loved her as bella. and rob pattinson was ok for me... once again not perfect but there were moments when i was like ok "he is hot". I also really hope that they keep taylor lautner(SP) as jacob I thought he did amazing and is right on what I excepted jacob to be...well atleast in the three scenes he was in~!!!Thanks to everyone who went with us it was a blast...and now that the movie has done so well I cant wait to do it again in a year!!!! The obession lives on, and aaron is thrilled. ANY THOUGHTS??? What was your favorite part of twilight or did you even bother to go see it??

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Macey update!

So apparently I dont have any pictures of macey on the poor forgotten third child... so here are some pictures of her. My cute little macey will be four months old on the 28th! tear!~!! it has gone by so fast.
She is getting so big and to date is the biggest of my children. She weighs 14lbs and 6oz...her new nick name is chancho. She is also the only one of my girls that refuses to use a binky...but recently decided that she loves her thumb. And I am fully aware of the hardship this will cause in the future...but for right now it is cute so I am just going to go with it.
She is also the first of my children to sleep thru the night at three months. Ashlyn was 18 months and alysse was 10 months. we love our lil chancho!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

twilight countdown!!!!

Halloween Party and HSM3...a great combo!

So needless to say we had a very busy saturday. It is at this point in the year that the months seem to just fly by! The girls had so much fun at the ward halloween party...they ate donuts on a string and went fishing in the haunted pond! A little trunk or treat and we left with three happy girls... then we raced home to change clothes and were off to see HSM3.The dancing was amazing... the songs are now being blasted in my hip mommy mini van...and being sang by the whole family. It was really cute to watch ashlyn and hannah get all gitty and be soooo excited to see it and ashlyn loved every second of the movie! Then the best part was on the way out we saw this car that looked just like THE CAR (the gaurdian) that bella drives in breaking dawn...yes I am sorry but WE can turn just about any experience into a "twilight" moment.... sigh! Obessed much...just a little. So then bella and I got really excited and squealed like six year olds and bella goes hurry take a picture ....we were scared that who ever owned the car would see we took some pictures really quick. I look really retarded so just look at the car!

Friday, October 10, 2008


~I can not express in words how incredibly excited I am about the movie coming out...and for anyone living under a rock... the final trailer came out last night...and it is soooo incredibly amazing!!! Bella and I bought shirts to wear to the movie today and we will be starting a countdown in a week!!!!! My fav. part...welllll besides the kiss which was AMAZING is the part where they are standing in the gazebo and Edward says "you dont know how long I have waited for you!" (SIGH) SO what was your favorite part????

Friday, October 3, 2008

lake michigan, ashlyn's first game, and more princess obessions!!!!

So to save on doing more than one post I decided to throw them ALL together! So bare with me!!!
Aaron had a long weekend so we decided to take advantage of it and explore past the ghetto a little bit. We had heard that the beach towns on lake michigan were beautiful... so we packed up the kids and headed out the three hours it took us to get to Lake michigan. The kids were really excited to go to the beach one last time before the dreaded cold sets in, and
we totally lucked out! It was 85 degrees!!! So we went start to the lake. It was so beautiful...and I am now happy to admit that not all of michigan sucks. The kids had so much fun playing in the sand and splashing around in the water. we saw the big red lighthouse, which was a highlight for me! Ate lunch in a dutch bakery on main street. And finished the weekend off with culvers and a movie in the back seat... We wished we could of stayed longer but after one night in the hotel with three kids...we were ready to have them sleep in their own bed!!!
This has become my signature shot of the girls.every time we go to the beach or a lake...ok any body of water I try to get them to sit long enough for me to take this picture. I dont know why I was like the way it looks.

OK so on the way back to the hotel we saw this neighborhood with really cute houses. Aaron and I love looking at houses and picking out what we like and dislike...and also to get ideas... if we ever decide to build a house ourselves...well we were driving thru gawking at all the beautiful houses and we turned the corner and I made aaron stop so I could take a picture. I loved this house!!! So maybe some day I will live on a lake in a house like this one!!! Well...a girl can dream! Aaron liked this one! Which one do you like better?

Ashlyn's First Soccer Game

Once again the good thing is she is having fun! And she looks
really cute in her uniform...which is points in my book. But she has not improved since practice. Oh well she loved being on a team with hannah. So after the game we decided to take the kids to ice cream...and I think they liked that more than playing in the game, well everyone but zach... he dropped his ice cream cone on the ground and spent the rest of the time pouting while we all rolled on the ground laughing at him.And alysse thought she had a cone too and ate part of the cup before we realized what she was doing and took it away from her! What a way to end the night.

Alysse the drama _Queen!

i thought that with time we would see the end of the princess obession but it seems to have gotten worse. It seems that detroit has worn off on alysse. And she is now going for ghetto fabulous! With her leporard pants ...which she picked out and her sexy jewelry! I dont know when this is ever going to end but it sure is cute! And if you look closely she is carrying around a foot skelton that aaron used in med. school. She loves that thing and she has named it "buddy"

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

time flys with three kids!

~Little bean update...
`So ashlyn started soccer and although she is probably the worst one on the team (i can say that i am her mom) she is having so much fun...and in the end that is all that matters. i had another mom comment to me at practice last week..." your daughter is just so girly, it is cute to watch her run...has she ever thought about dance?" Part of me sighs...and asks...will any of my children be athletic ? but once again she is having fun and that is all that matters! and she is sure cute...even if it is in a prancy princess kinda way!

`Alysse has found her first obession... she is literally OBESSED with snow white. She asks to watch the movie about fifty times a day and i finally bought her a snow white dress that she has worn for the last six days in a row. and i am talking from the moment she wakes up...thru when she goes to bed at night! The dress is starting to look more like the ghetto white trash snow white then the princess, but she loves it, and all the attention she is getting.

`And finally baby macey...she is offically two months old. I can not believe how fast it has gone. Poor thing being the third gets left on the couch screaming alot!! Because at some point I have to get something done...But she has been so much fun. And I can honestly say at this point that I am so happy to have all girls. So who do you think she looks like????

Well I hope everyone is doing good....i know things are only going to get more crazy with the holidays right around the corner...but it seriously is so much fun!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

ashlyn's first day of first grade!!!

~So we all knew this day was coming but I was a little sad as I dropped my first child off for her first day of elementary school! Partly because it made me feel old...And partly because I had to ask myself were the time has gone? I remember the day I had her like it was yesterday and now she is offically starting school. With full-on recess, lunch time, and homework. So I sent her off to school with her little HSM backpack and her big cheesy grin minis a few front teeth...and I had to smile because I remember how excited i was to start school... And it is not the first time she has told me that I am embrassing response...good than mommy is doing her job.!!! But she would not kiss me before she went into her class. And I even put make-up on...just another sign that my baby girl is strating to grow up! TEAR!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


~I am VERY happy to say that we have a new addition to our little family. Macey Lynn Bean was born on July 28th @ 8:39 pm...she was very gracious and waited thru our anniversary which was the 27th! She weighed 6lbs. 15oz. so she was just a little thing. everything went great and I decided to get my epideral early so everything was extremely relaxed and peaceful. Things have been kinda crazy trying to adjust to having three kids...and the fact that I am know offically out numbered!~ But we are having so much fun watching the girls with her. Ashlyn was very excited for her to come and has been quite the little helper. Alysse would perfer her to go away but when she thinks no one is watching has been so cute...walking over to the couch (where poor baby spends alot of her time so I can get something done) and holds her hand and says"hi baby, hi baby" it is really sweet. the other day I asked ashlyn to hold macey so I could go put the laundry in the dryer when I came back up stairs ashlyn was singing her "i am a child of God"...I almost cried!!! Anyways here is the first look at our new little girl...and I am sure we will have lots to blog about over the next few years as she adds her own spunk to our family.