Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Thank you!!!

Thank you to all who put in their two cents to feed my children! I also googled "healthy meals for kids" and came up with the kraft website! Some of you expressed similar concerns with feeding your children, if so you should really check it out there were snacks, breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas! And erica as usual you are flippin' martha,betty, and wisteria(sp?) lane all rolled into one! Thanks for the advice! I will let you know how it goes!

I need some help!

The last couple of days my girls have not been that excited about lunch time because the options are very limited. Soooo does anyone have any ideas/reciepes of something different to serve my boried children besides the regular pb and j, mac and cheese, and chicken nuggets! HHHHEEEELLLPPP!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Aaron!

Thrity years ago today Aaron Bean-ner was born. Happy Birthday honey. We love you! With all the joys of turning thrity...we (bella and I ) decided to throw the boys a surprise birthday party. Jon's b-day is the 16th and Aaron's is well today! We had loads of fun being adults for an hour or two and sitting around laughing and listening to podiatry stories. It comes with the territory! And watching the kids run around and scream.After the night was over we were talking about this year over others in the past. And after six years of marriage and several birthdays we decided we would not change anything about where we are in our lives. We feel so blessed. We have two beautiful daughters. great friends. and eachother! Aaron is working towards a great job. our families support us, and over-all we are happy!

Ten reasons I am happy to have aaron in our lives!

1. We laughed together day
2. Went on a family bike ride.
3. ate dinner as a family.
4. watching the girls scream "da-da' when he walks in the door.
5. Snuggling on the couch watching a movie.
6. He is my best friend and biggest fan
7. I have some to share good sushi with

8. we both love to ski

9. Tells the girls stories.
10. makes life a blessing!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Two Piggies and a super star!

Alot has been happening at the beaner house. For starters I was sooooo excited when this morning I got alysse's mullet into TWO PIGGIE TAILS! It lookes kinda weird but it looks alot better then her mullet. So yeah for alysse. Secondly ashlyn was chosen this week to be the "super Start" for her kindergarden class. This is a serious honor! She gets to bring a special "non health" snack on friday! She gets to sit in the super star chair, help with the calendar, and weather, and shew gets to be the first in line where ever the class goes.And she gets to bring in a poster with pictures on it and talk to the class about her family, friends and pets (that we have gotten rid of since that always seems to be the outcoming for pets in our house!!) She is feeling pretty diva at this point. Until yesterday when she came home and I asked "ashlyn how was the first day of being the SUPER STAR?" in which she replied. " mom is was sooo fun everyone was like totally into me." Wondering if i had heard her correctly i asked "what" "how were they into you?" She goes "well everyone wanted to sit by me at snack time, and when I walked in everyone said hey super star, hey super star and everyone wanted to be by me at story time....they were all so into me!" So there it is folks! I have a major diva on my hands....to bad next week there will be a new super star and she will be a has been! But we are on cloud nine thru friday!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

I was tagged!

4 Jobs I have had...

Skyhawks...summer sport camps

limited too

Baby Gap...well for like a month

home school P.E program director/soccer coach

4 movies I could watch over and over...

The Notebook

How to lose a guy in ten days

phantom of the opera

Nacho libre...I always chuckle even though I have seen it a jillion times

4 Places I have lived

Good ol' Hemet Ca.

provo, utah

des moines, iowa


4 of my favorite places to visit

Lake tahoe


lake havasu

san diego

4 fav. desserts

strawberry pie...or any fruit pie for that matter!

Better than "%##" cake, other wise called Robert Redford

buttermilk pie

banana cream pie

4 fav. dinners


steak and baked potatoes

taco salad

dungess crab w/ butter and lemon...i am getting hungry!

4 websites I visit daily




stephenie meyers home page

4 hobbies I have

recently...reading...i love you edward!

is cleaning a hobbie??? It should be with how much I do it!

riding bikes


4 people i tag

BElla wella...erica....britney merrill...amiee heitmann

OUR little family bike ride!

We finally got bikes after years of wanting them. And we have been enjoying several family bike rides. So I decided to bring my camera on our little outing. We were having a great time but after a few minutes of family fun, we looked up to see a huge black cloud moving in our direction.... ashlyn wanted to keep riding until it started raining. and then a complete down pour.! Ashlyn starts screaming "now i dont have to take a bath!" So we let the kids play in the raion as we laughed at them. It was a great way to end a long stressful week!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


****warning****don not read this if you havent finished reading the twlight series...i dont want to give anything away!!!!!!!!**** Ok so i just finished eclipse and I am soooo bittersweetly happy/sad, yet happy, yet sad, and sooooo in love with edward, but to my greatest surprise. i am in love with jacob too. I feel for him. I want him happy too. I want there to be an easy reslove for all of this...and it leaves me wondering for the next YEAR! what is going to happen...stephenie meyer is WAY to witty to just let things go over smoothly. I seriously dont know how i am going to wait a year for my resolve! I am soooo glad i read these books. I have never read aseries that was sooooooooo good. I loved every minute of it....I need some resolve if anyone has any ideas I am open....

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

my baby is 15 months old today!!!

I am having a slightly sad moment, because alysse is 15 months old today and it seems like only yesterday that she was born and I was taking her home from the hospital! where does the time truly go...
Five things I LOVE about having a 15 month old...

She loves her momma...

Everything about her is cute, down to her cellulite bunz....

"OOOHHHH" is the answer to everything i say, and it is sooo cute that it works.

she sniffs everything in sight!

Screams "da-da" and crawls towards the gate when she hears his voice.

Five things that are NOT so fun about having a 15 month old

she starts nursery in three months....that could also go on the good list...it is bitter sweet.

She has learned to express her opinion

she is slightly naughty and gets excited when I catch her doing something she knows she shouldn't...

she pulls off all shoes that I put on her.

she has learned to pinch and scratch so i am having to tell her to be nice as much as I am ashlyn!

....but we love her still the same and are sooo glad that she is part of our little "bean-er" fam!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

ashlyn's first day of kindergarden!

Today was ashlyn's first day of kindergarden, techincally ELEMENTARY school. I asked myself as i walked thru the doors of the school what had happend to my little baby.??? She was so excited and did really well. And so did I...not a tear! It was so cute to see her standing there in line with her other class mates ...all looking slightly unsure of the current situation they were in...ashlyn just stood there quitely with her hands on the straps of her new tinkerbell backpack and looking down at the ground. It was a bittersweet moment! But I was so proud of her. And she has already made a little friend ...which was honestly the part that scared me the most because she can tend to be a little anti-social when she is put into a big group. She picked out her outfit all by herself down to the yellow earrings that matched her shrit. My little diva...I love it! But all in all we had a succesful first day of school and she WANTS to go back tomorrow!

Monday, September 3, 2007


I am always the last stubborn one to do anything...example blog, and now this! Bella read the twilight books and was like Candace you HAVE to read this. I was extremely hesitatent because for one I am not a huge reader I get distracted to easily and second becasue I do not like the whole goth, vampire, dark night thing. But after bella's bubbling obession t in the series I decided I to must atleast try to read them. And OH MY GOSH!!!! I am sooooo addicited! I have stayed up until tweleve or later for the last three nights trying to finish twilight. I love it, all of it. If you have not yet read these they are a must from the non-reading, secptic(sp?) I cant stop I cant wait to find out what happens next. and like everyone else I am totally and completely in love with edward! Oh MY GOSH!!! This is possibly the best book I have ever read! I have no idea how i am going to wait a year for the next one. the only thing that has me hanging on is that they are possibly going to make a movie...which I have already made in my head, and let me tell you It IS SOOOOO GOOD! Ok i think you get the point...must read, go get them today!!! Buy them they are that good.