Saturday, September 15, 2007

I was tagged!

4 Jobs I have had...

Skyhawks...summer sport camps

limited too

Baby Gap...well for like a month

home school P.E program director/soccer coach

4 movies I could watch over and over...

The Notebook

How to lose a guy in ten days

phantom of the opera

Nacho libre...I always chuckle even though I have seen it a jillion times

4 Places I have lived

Good ol' Hemet Ca.

provo, utah

des moines, iowa


4 of my favorite places to visit

Lake tahoe


lake havasu

san diego

4 fav. desserts

strawberry pie...or any fruit pie for that matter!

Better than "%##" cake, other wise called Robert Redford

buttermilk pie

banana cream pie

4 fav. dinners


steak and baked potatoes

taco salad

dungess crab w/ butter and lemon...i am getting hungry!

4 websites I visit daily




stephenie meyers home page

4 hobbies I have

recently...reading...i love you edward!

is cleaning a hobbie??? It should be with how much I do it!

riding bikes


4 people i tag

BElla wella...erica....britney merrill...amiee heitmann


Jeff and Alison said...

Hey Girl-

I saw your post on Stacy's and thought I would tell you...there is a button right next to the picture download button--it looks like a flim. You click it (it routes you to email to verify-only the first time) then download your video. It is really easy. If you have questions just call me :)

I loved your updates :) The girls are getting soooooo big!!

Jeff and Alison said...

Oh, and I just have to say, I think I thought of who should play Bella in the movie....Anne Hathaway! What do you think?? She can be clumsy,and yet so pretty!