Friday, June 13, 2008

happy 2nd birthday alysse!

Alysse has brought alot of light and life to our family since she has been born. She has tried me in ways that i didnt know were possible and at the same time has made me laugh harder than I ever have before. She is the funniest little thing...she is almost never in a bad mood, and loves to be the life of the party. We are so glad to have her in our lives, and cant wait to see what she will do in this next year. Happy Birthday Dede!!!

We decided instead of throwing her a big party that she probably wont even remember (yeah yeah she is kid number happens) That we were just going to do her favorite things all day long! So I apologize in advance for the birthday attire...I know i will be hearing it from bella since i constantly rag on her for letting her kids run around naked...but whatever! One of alysse's fav things to play is"cooking" in her pool with my measuring cups. Several times a day I will find her out in the backyard fully clothed standing knee deep in the pool So I now just strip her down before she goes out. So on her birthday i just let her go for it and as you can see she was quite happy! after she was done in the pool we played real cooking and made her cupcakes for her special day. She loved the beaters but kept re-dipping them.

She Loved her cupcake and made a huge mess! She then opened her presents...and she sure loved her new "ner-nie " that she got from ashlyn. She also got a nemo bubble blower and a mini van to play family with from her nana! It was so cute to hear her squeal SLIDE as aaron brought it out of the garage! Both girls spent the rest of the night screaming and going up and down the slide!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Ashlyn's lost her first tooth!

So this major event has been on going for about the last month. She was at a friends house and was eating an apple as I came to pick her up.
As we got into the car she told me her tooth hurt so i looked and there was no cavity and she goes" look mom it is wiggly. " And sure enough it was!!! Well she wiggled and wiggled for weeks and every about two seconds it was "ouch! hey mom just broke a few more roots~! So about a week ago she was really working on getting it out because she wanted to get it out while my mom was here. And the next night her and aaron were sitting on the couch and she asked him to wiggle it to see how loose it was, and one little wiggle was out. We were all very excited. we went to joann's and she picked out special fiary material and we made her a tooth bag...and that night the tooth fiary left her $15 bucks and a special note. Oh and I have to say about the amount is it pays to lose teeths when grandparents are around. i am just slightly worried that she will now expect that much everytime! But We now enter the akward phase with missing teeth and weirdness. either way i still think she is so cute...and she thinks she is soooo mature because she is one of the first kids to lose a tooth in her class. It was really cute to watch her go running up to her class line and pull down her lower lip and proudly display her tooth hole! iT WAS so dang cute!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

MY HUGE project...the house!

Like promised in my last post I said I would fill everyone in our new house. We are still only renting since we will have absolutely NO intention of staying in detroit A MINUTE longer than we have to... but it is so much fun being in a house.

Both the kids have loved having an actual back yard! we thought it was really cool too until I had to actually mow it yesterday. it took me two hours and I was covered in dirt and grass. We have a nature preserve that backs up to the yard...ashlyn says it looks like the secret garden...and we have seen all kinds of fun animals back there I am just waiting to see some not so exciting snakes!!!

So every waking moment has been spent doing things to and with the house. My mom and I (really my mom) but i will prertend planted a garden. The kids are having fun watching things grow and watering. We planted some strawberries but alysse has yet one berry grow. as soon as she sees a berry green or red she picks it and throws it. So we will have to see if we actually have a decent berry to eat! But she loves to help water!!!

After planting the garden I got quite the green I want to plant things thumb and started planting flowers. So I planted flowers on the side yard and in fron of the house. And I am happy to say they have not died ....yet! I now the picture looks really exciting but it really is to me!!!

I also have slowly but surely been adding stuff to the inside of the house. We have four bedrooms now so the girls each got their own rooms. Ashlyn was so excited and i told her we would decorate it however she wanted. Well she picked a daisy garden room. It isnt done yet but we made some curtains and I thought they turned out really cute. And then took frames from her old room and added flowers to them to match every thing. The next thing we are going to do is make butterflies, and ladybugs to put up everywhere and picket fence. I will post it when it is all done. It might be a year from now but we will finish it

So far we have really enjoyed being here and It has kept me busy with constant projects...the next one is the basement!!! But we have loved every minute of it and are so happy to be out of the condo/apartment phase.