Friday, June 13, 2008

happy 2nd birthday alysse!

Alysse has brought alot of light and life to our family since she has been born. She has tried me in ways that i didnt know were possible and at the same time has made me laugh harder than I ever have before. She is the funniest little thing...she is almost never in a bad mood, and loves to be the life of the party. We are so glad to have her in our lives, and cant wait to see what she will do in this next year. Happy Birthday Dede!!!

We decided instead of throwing her a big party that she probably wont even remember (yeah yeah she is kid number happens) That we were just going to do her favorite things all day long! So I apologize in advance for the birthday attire...I know i will be hearing it from bella since i constantly rag on her for letting her kids run around naked...but whatever! One of alysse's fav things to play is"cooking" in her pool with my measuring cups. Several times a day I will find her out in the backyard fully clothed standing knee deep in the pool So I now just strip her down before she goes out. So on her birthday i just let her go for it and as you can see she was quite happy! after she was done in the pool we played real cooking and made her cupcakes for her special day. She loved the beaters but kept re-dipping them.

She Loved her cupcake and made a huge mess! She then opened her presents...and she sure loved her new "ner-nie " that she got from ashlyn. She also got a nemo bubble blower and a mini van to play family with from her nana! It was so cute to hear her squeal SLIDE as aaron brought it out of the garage! Both girls spent the rest of the night screaming and going up and down the slide!!!


Becky T said...

OK, she is soooo stinkin' cute! And I cant' believe she is 2!! And congrats on moving in to the house! Rental or not, that is SO fun to be in a house. I am a tad jealous, yes I am. hee hee It looks awesome, though. I'm sure you're loving it!!

M & S Eagar said...

Alysse is such a cutie Candace. Wow - 2 years ago was such a fun time for us. Where did all the time go? Anyway, sounds like she had the perfect Birthday.

The Nielsen Family said...

How much fun!! 2 already, WOW! Very nice backyard.