Tuesday, February 19, 2008

a lil sisterly love! and alot less tv!

Aaron and i decided that our kids had over-all being watching way too much tv. so for a week we decided that the tv would break. I thought ashlyn would throw a fit...at times during the week i wanted to throw a fit but the results were amazing. My kids were sooooo much nicer to each other and found ways to play together...instead of just sitting there fighting over the prime couch spot to watch tv. And Aaron and I found we had so much more time to do the things that were truely important.Like spending time talking...working out together(kind of) and wrestling with the kids. Instead of us all just planting it on the couch. So needless to say we are seriously limiting the amount the tv around the bean household.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's day was a crazy one this year...filled with morning treats, school parties, and a doctor's appt.! Every year when the girls wake up i have a little treat for them, because they are my lil valentines! I was a little worried because ashlyn started making a list like it was christmas all over again. So i was a little afraid that she would be disappointed...but she loved what she got. Then it was off to the school party. Which would have been great minus alysse. who was into EVERYTHING!!! She had her fingers in the frosting at the cookie decorating table, she was eating the hersey's kisses for the bingo game....she thought she was part of the class during story time. And was spotted several times picking the foam hearts off the kids valentine's boxes. Needless to say she had a great time! I was exhausted. I must add... it was soooo cute! there is a boy in ashlyn's class that likes her and he saved up his own money and bought her a special valentine...and at the end of class gave it to her and asked if she would be his valentine. i thought it was soooo cute. She was so embarrassed!!! she wouldnt let me take a picture unil we got home! Then after 4 hours of partying with kindergarteners it was off to the doctor's office. which i thought was going to take about 15 minutes...but turned into an hour and a half long ordeal kids included. As we were waiting i was reminded of all the goodies that are located in an OB's office. So i had to keep alysse up on the examing table...which she loved because the paper made so much noise. She then proceeded to ripe the paper into tiny pieces and launch it off the table. In walks the doctor which scared her and she would not leave my lap so the doctor had to measure me and listen for the heart beat with alysse drapped across me. One good thing that did come out of the experience is i get my ultrasound in TWO WEEKS!!! So march 6th I will know what i am having. YEAH!!!! When then came home to heart shaped pancakes, eggs, and hased browns for dinner. It was a very busy day but all in all it was worth it....i think.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

tents and tunnels...thanks to erica.

So with it being so incredibly blasted cold here my kids have about had it being indoors. And believe me so have i!!! So the other day erica (grover) anyone who blogs knows who she is...posted about her girls loving to play in their play tents and the tunnels. I thought what a great idea. My kids are constantly trying to build forts....but the senario usually plays out like so....ashlyn takes an hour or so ever so carefully building the perfect fort with blankets and pillows and couch cushions, and chairs, etc....and about one minute after she enters her masterpiece fort.... in comes alysse... who then in about thirty seconds trashs the whole thing...massive crying insues from both parties ashlyn because" she worked soooooo hard and dumb alysse broke it" and alysse due to bodily harm. SOOOOO i decided to get some tunnels and a few tents and see how it went. When the box arrived they could not wait to rip into the bad boy and played for hours. I took a couple of pictures before my camera died to document one of the single times my children played civily together!!! So thank you erica for the great idea.

Friday, February 1, 2008

it is never good when they are quite!!

Small explanation...we were watching t.v. as a family last night and aaron and I looked at each other and went "ummmm " where is alysse?" "she is being way to quite" And this is what we found. I guess she wanted a snack. My child has a fascination with bread she is always getting into it. she use to sit on the whole loaf so we moved it but apparently it didnt stop her for long.