Thursday, August 7, 2008


~I am VERY happy to say that we have a new addition to our little family. Macey Lynn Bean was born on July 28th @ 8:39 pm...she was very gracious and waited thru our anniversary which was the 27th! She weighed 6lbs. 15oz. so she was just a little thing. everything went great and I decided to get my epideral early so everything was extremely relaxed and peaceful. Things have been kinda crazy trying to adjust to having three kids...and the fact that I am know offically out numbered!~ But we are having so much fun watching the girls with her. Ashlyn was very excited for her to come and has been quite the little helper. Alysse would perfer her to go away but when she thinks no one is watching has been so cute...walking over to the couch (where poor baby spends alot of her time so I can get something done) and holds her hand and says"hi baby, hi baby" it is really sweet. the other day I asked ashlyn to hold macey so I could go put the laundry in the dryer when I came back up stairs ashlyn was singing her "i am a child of God"...I almost cried!!! Anyways here is the first look at our new little girl...and I am sure we will have lots to blog about over the next few years as she adds her own spunk to our family.