Tuesday, September 23, 2008

time flys with three kids!

~Little bean update...
`So ashlyn started soccer and although she is probably the worst one on the team (i can say that i am her mom) she is having so much fun...and in the end that is all that matters. i had another mom comment to me at practice last week..." your daughter is just so girly, it is cute to watch her run...has she ever thought about dance?" Part of me sighs...and asks...will any of my children be athletic ? but once again she is having fun and that is all that matters! and she is sure cute...even if it is in a prancy princess kinda way!

`Alysse has found her first obession... she is literally OBESSED with snow white. She asks to watch the movie about fifty times a day and i finally bought her a snow white dress that she has worn for the last six days in a row. and i am talking from the moment she wakes up...thru when she goes to bed at night! The dress is starting to look more like the ghetto white trash snow white then the princess, but she loves it, and all the attention she is getting.

`And finally baby macey...she is offically two months old. I can not believe how fast it has gone. Poor thing being the third gets left on the couch screaming alot!! Because at some point I have to get something done...But she has been so much fun. And I can honestly say at this point that I am so happy to have all girls. So who do you think she looks like????

Well I hope everyone is doing good....i know things are only going to get more crazy with the holidays right around the corner...but it seriously is so much fun!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

ashlyn's first day of first grade!!!

~So we all knew this day was coming but I was a little sad as I dropped my first child off for her first day of elementary school! Partly because it made me feel old...And partly because I had to ask myself were the time has gone? I remember the day I had her like it was yesterday and now she is offically starting school. With full-on recess, lunch time, and homework. So I sent her off to school with her little HSM backpack and her big cheesy grin minis a few front teeth...and I had to smile because I remember how excited i was to start school... And it is not the first time she has told me that I am embrassing her...my response...good than mommy is doing her job.!!! But she would not kiss me before she went into her class. And I even put make-up on...just another sign that my baby girl is strating to grow up! TEAR!!!