Tuesday, September 2, 2008

ashlyn's first day of first grade!!!

~So we all knew this day was coming but I was a little sad as I dropped my first child off for her first day of elementary school! Partly because it made me feel old...And partly because I had to ask myself were the time has gone? I remember the day I had her like it was yesterday and now she is offically starting school. With full-on recess, lunch time, and homework. So I sent her off to school with her little HSM backpack and her big cheesy grin minis a few front teeth...and I had to smile because I remember how excited i was to start school... And it is not the first time she has told me that I am embrassing her...my response...good than mommy is doing her job.!!! But she would not kiss me before she went into her class. And I even put make-up on...just another sign that my baby girl is strating to grow up! TEAR!!!


eRiCa said...

No way is she in first grade now....sooooo stinking crazy!!

a few things:

1. Ashlyn is beautiful
2.I had to smile...bought that same dress for ella and the blue one for mailee...but ella didn't want to wear it today.
3.the profile pic of you looks a lot like edward...
4.90210 - i liked it. FAR FROM gossip girl..love that show and LOVED the first episode on monday! however, I gotta say a few things about 90210:
*shannon D. looked bad nasty. Her teeth were horrible, her hair awful and her plastic sugery poorly done.
*I liked silver. Lame name, but I think she's gorgeous and real.
*I think i'll probably still watch it but won't cry if i miss an episode or four :)

k sorry about the freaking novel of a comment...but I was totally thinking of you last night wondering if you were going to watch 90210 and wishing you were closer so we could watch it together. *sigh* some day we'll live close by again....

eRiCa said...

ps where'd you get ashlyn's shoes?

tonya said...

So exciting. I found first grade to be quite tramatic. All day. Is my 6 year old really ready for that? Am I really ready for that? Ashlyn is so pretty. I hope that she is having so much fun. I am glad to see that you are enjoying your three little girls. Macey is so cute and such a cute name (obviously I like it -Mason-) I am so excited for you. Have fun!!!