Friday, March 28, 2008

Californian Adventures!!

It has been awhile since I have posted anything i am going to attempt to catch up on all of our california fun...hang on...First off. I love california...or atleast the 80 degree weather. It was so nice to see green and flowers growing. As it is STILL cold and snowny in michigan! We Have spent a day at the beach...which the girls loved. Alysse was covered in sand!

We went to disneyland for a day...but after reading erica's post it looks like we picked the WRONG day to go. The park was filled to compassity that day...and we waited over an hour for every ride. But once again the weather was beautiful and the girls had so much fun. Finding Nemo was the fAVorite ride of the day.

We had a massive easter celebration with lots of family...and hunted eggs. It was so nice to just let my girls wear their dresses and not have tights and sweaters and jackets and gloves and..ok you get the point. just dresses and sandals!

We have eaten lots of yummy mexican food. which is seriously lacking in the mid-west...and my sister and I ate an entire strawberry pie in ten minutes! So needless to say I have put on some weight atleat I can blame it on being pregnant! hehe. We only have a couple days left and I am sooo sad to have to go back to the cold and snow! So between now and then we are just going to enjoy the sun! It has been so nice to let my kids play outside and have picnic's.

Friday, March 7, 2008

baby #3 will be!!

Sooooo I went to the doctor yesterday and had my sonagram....and it looks like we will be having another girl. It is slightly ironic since aaron's brother has four boys!!! Apparently he got all the Y's and we got ALL the X's!!! Thank you to those of you how cried me through it yesterday pointing out the positives to having a litter of one sex! I greatly appreicate it!And I am feeling alot better today...and we feel extremely blessed that everything looks good and our new baby is healthy! Also as of right now it looks like the baby's feet look no club feet as of right now. We are now searching for a name because I had truly convinced myself that we were having a boy this time...i had tons of boy names picked out but I have no clue about anymore girl i am more than open for suggestions!!!! I hope everyone has a great day!!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

mommy gets a time out!!!

I had an amazing weekend!!! A couple of weeks ago stacy called me and asked if i wanted to go to chicago with her and go to the time out for women...I was soooo excited to get away from the kids and with baby number 3 due in August this was going to be one of my last oppotunities for Friday morning amid a blizzard i packed up and met stac in toledo. We spent the next four/ five hours talking, laughing, and making fun of aaron's anicent GPS that kept scaring stacy and was a source of laughter for the whole weekend. We had so much fun...for anyone who has not gone... the women's time out was AMAZING!!!! Neither one of had ever gone before and i would recommend it to everyone. It was exactly what i needed before this baby is born.
We stayed at the Embassy suites and stac scored us a sweet room with all kinds of goodies. We got a free movie each night. So we watched Juno (which I was dying to see after seeing Ellen Page on Oprah) and 27 dresses. We absolutely gorged ourselves on the amazing breakfast every morning...and we decided that we want to live at an embassy suites...have someone come make our beds, and clean our bathroom every day and a great breakfast waiting every morning!!!!
driving into chicago I was the bad verison of a tourist, and had to get a picture of the city. And yes...all of you that live in the mid-west that is blue sky and SUN!!! The weather was great...which also added to our weekend
It was really exciting to actually see and meet some of our "mormon" super stars! I love hiliary weeks and it was so much fun getting a chance to meet her. She was so funny and witty. We also met Merrlee Boyack ( i couldnt say her name all weekend) BUT SHE gave the most amazing talk and once again it was cool to meet these people...after reading their books and listening to there cds. It was awesome to hear their stories and get to see their different personalities. We were also able to met Chieko Okazaki from the general relief socitey pres., dean hughes, and jane clayson the cbs morning achor that wrote the book "I am a mother" ....i was i slight ahhh i think this is what heaven in be like.

After the confernce was over we hopped on the L-train.... small side note..... stacy was amazing and knew everything...where we were going, how to get there, where to eat...she was the perfect tour guide...the next picture would be much better burned and way less embrassing but anyone who knows me knows very well that I am a major barf-er...and being prego doesnt help the situation any!!! And we had to hop off the train so i could barf!!! Stac had to take a picture of me next to my special trash can! And i am actually very thankful for that trash can!!!
After my eposide we finally made our way down to michigan avenue and got something to eat. We ate at ed...something...but everyone ( all the waiters and hostes) are really loud and rude. I was not feeling very good so i couldnt get into as much as I wanted to but stacy made the most of the situation and got ice thrown at her and kissed...yup stacy got some action from our waiter "the swan"and of course i got a picture...we then hit michigan ave...for some great shopping...we went to Garett's and got some awesome carmel corn...once again an Oprah orginal!!!

It was the perfect weekend. And we both were very proud of our husbands as they juggled many obstacles with great success! However they were very happy to see that we had not run away for good. We had so much fun it was kinda hard to come home....everyone mom needs a time out evey once in a while!