Friday, March 28, 2008

Californian Adventures!!

It has been awhile since I have posted anything i am going to attempt to catch up on all of our california fun...hang on...First off. I love california...or atleast the 80 degree weather. It was so nice to see green and flowers growing. As it is STILL cold and snowny in michigan! We Have spent a day at the beach...which the girls loved. Alysse was covered in sand!

We went to disneyland for a day...but after reading erica's post it looks like we picked the WRONG day to go. The park was filled to compassity that day...and we waited over an hour for every ride. But once again the weather was beautiful and the girls had so much fun. Finding Nemo was the fAVorite ride of the day.

We had a massive easter celebration with lots of family...and hunted eggs. It was so nice to just let my girls wear their dresses and not have tights and sweaters and jackets and gloves and..ok you get the point. just dresses and sandals!

We have eaten lots of yummy mexican food. which is seriously lacking in the mid-west...and my sister and I ate an entire strawberry pie in ten minutes! So needless to say I have put on some weight atleat I can blame it on being pregnant! hehe. We only have a couple days left and I am sooo sad to have to go back to the cold and snow! So between now and then we are just going to enjoy the sun! It has been so nice to let my kids play outside and have picnic's.


Heitmann Family said...

oh I am jealous. It was snowing here the other day and it has been raining for the last week. I wish we had some sunshine!!

M & S Eagar said...

Oh Candace - it sounds so Heavenly! Soak in some rays for me. Seriously, it sounds like bliss.

Summer said...

I love the pictures! I can't believe I was just there and at Disneyland! I remember seeing that window of the princess dresses and thinking I how I wished I had a little girl there to appreciate that. How fun! I am so glad you got to see your family!!!

eRiCa said...

LOVED the pictures and my girls have the same yellow dresses (I think...if they are the ones from love love them!). I heard about your flight out there...ugh..hopefully your flight back home is a better one.

Live up the sun while you can because you'll seriously be having some withdrawls when you get back to the snow and sludge...ick! It snowed on Monday...yeah SNOWED...a good couple inches...what the??!!

Anyway, loved he pictures and glad that you posted. Your girls are totally adorable (as always).

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, that makes me want summer so bad!! I love the pictures, and I'm glad you had fun. It is still cool here in Iowa, and I can't wait until it warms up and no more jackets!!

Anonymous said...

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