Tuesday, January 29, 2008

some pictures of what keeps me going!

i have been really bad with posting lately mostly because we have not been doing a ton lately, due to me feeling horrible! But i am starting to feel better. YEAH!!! and so this last week i took some pictures of the girls that made me laugh. They really help keep me in good spirits as i am feeling so gross. So i hope you get a laugh out of them too! Small explanation...alysse has awesome bed head and the other morning it was exceptionally beautiful. and so was her mood. Oh ...and the weird face she is making in all the pictures...is her saying "chheeeessse" the only way she will let me take her pictures is by saying "say cheese" and she does. So i know it looks like she has to go potty but she is really being happy! Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

...and baby makes three!

I can finally tell everyone that we are expecting beaner baby number three in August. It was as big of a shock to us as it probably is to you, but we have come to grips with everything and are getting really excited now. I have been pretty sick the last couple of weeks but feel like i am finally starting to get back to normal. Ashlyn is totally excited as long as it is a boy. So needless to say we have had several long talks about it being heavenly fathers decision...not ours. Now i just have to give myself that talk because i am slightly hoping my hidden desire will play some role in the choice as well. I cant believe i am going to have three kids! Help!!!! what were we thinking...oh that's right...we werent!!!! Well here is to unplanned little bundles of joy!