Thursday, December 20, 2007

wishing everyone a very merry christams!

This time of year seems to go by so fast I cant catch my breath! Does anyone else feel that way? Well with only five days left until my house presents are all still not wrapped, and i still have people not yet even bought presents for! I am quickly going crazy. however before it was all said and done I wanted to take a minute and say merry christmas to everyone! And thank you for keeping me sane thru this whole bloggin' world we have created. i love keeping up with everyone's families. and feel so "cared about" that evryone actually takes the time to look at my weird blog! So i hope you all have a great christams, and a wonderful new year and i look forward to life getting back to normal come january!

Thanks for blessing our lives, the beans

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

our first snow!

We all get really excited for it to snow for the first time. Being from california and never having snow durning the winter, i love to have season changes. On monday we recieved our first snow here in michigan. Ashlyn was equally excited for it to snow and can not wait to build a snowman. And was quite disappointed when it kept melting...maybe next time! Alysse was so cute to watch explore the new white substance that was falling all over. Plus she just was happy i actually let her go out side again. Thank you mother nature. It didnt last very long but the girls both had a blast playing in it!