Thursday, December 20, 2007

wishing everyone a very merry christams!

This time of year seems to go by so fast I cant catch my breath! Does anyone else feel that way? Well with only five days left until my house presents are all still not wrapped, and i still have people not yet even bought presents for! I am quickly going crazy. however before it was all said and done I wanted to take a minute and say merry christmas to everyone! And thank you for keeping me sane thru this whole bloggin' world we have created. i love keeping up with everyone's families. and feel so "cared about" that evryone actually takes the time to look at my weird blog! So i hope you all have a great christams, and a wonderful new year and i look forward to life getting back to normal come january!

Thanks for blessing our lives, the beans

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

our first snow!

We all get really excited for it to snow for the first time. Being from california and never having snow durning the winter, i love to have season changes. On monday we recieved our first snow here in michigan. Ashlyn was equally excited for it to snow and can not wait to build a snowman. And was quite disappointed when it kept melting...maybe next time! Alysse was so cute to watch explore the new white substance that was falling all over. Plus she just was happy i actually let her go out side again. Thank you mother nature. It didnt last very long but the girls both had a blast playing in it!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Deck the halls!

Ashlyn was especially excited to start the christmas festivies this year. And stupidly i promised her that on the day after thanksgiving I would get the tree out and all her ornaments and we would decorate the tree. Well i hadnt really thought about one small wildly curious monkey named alysse that would make the next month of my life terrible each day as I would have to try to defend the tree from her terror. So I decided to get ashlyn a little tree all of her own that she could decorate and put her special ornaments on. She was squealing and all but ripping my arm off on the way into target as we bought her very own tree. She was excited to pick out some decorations, and lights for the tree... and all by herself decided to go with a rainbow themed tree. My little themed OCD heart leaped as she picked a pattern and theme and wanted it all to match! So When we got home she decorated her tree and found the perfect place (out of alysse's reach) to display her masterpiece. She had a great time going thru all the ornaments that she had recieved over the years from "nanz" She calls my mom nanz...long story...but moving on. Each year my mom gets her an ornament that kinda represents what she was into that year. so we got them all out and she put them on her special tree. It was so cute to see her take so much pride in doing it right and carefully placing the ornaments in the exact right spot! It was a great way to kick off our holiday season!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy thanksgiving!

With tomorrow being thanksgiving and all, I just wanted to wish everyone A great and happy thanksgiving! As i sat getting things ready for christmas and cursing the season all together...and how fast the time flys during this time of year... I decided to sit back for a minute and think about all the things i have been blessed with this year!
I am so thankful for my husband how he always puts his family first. A husband who appreciates even if the house is kinda clean, and loves me even when i am in a dirty large t-shirt and my fav. sweats. (which seems to be the re-occuring theme at my house) I am thankful for my girls. i never realized the capacity in which you could love another person. Watching them as they sleep. I am SOOO thankful that my children are healthy, and have LOTS of energy. I am thankful that aaron was able to get an amazing residency...and I AM SUPER thankful we ended up with people we love. I am thankful for my bestest bella. who without her morning phone calls i dont know if i could make it thru the day! For having someone to call a friend that knows me, and loves me even when I pull a "candace". I am thankful for our families who are so incredibly supportive, and loving. I am thankful for sisters, and sisters-in-laws who make family vacations all the rave! I am thankful for my brothers who i love with all my heart. they keep me down to earth and explain to me all the time that i am not as cool as i think i am! I am thankful for my mommy...who is truly my closest friend and supports me even when she knows i am making a bad choice. I am thankful that she is always there to talk to in all hours of the night...and for several hours on tuesdays! I am thankful for the having the gospel of jesus christ in my life. Having that sweet comfort in my daughters lives and knowing that we will be together forever. I am thankful for a time of year when we can stop and reflect on all that we have in our lives...i hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving....and thank you for being a part of ours!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

what the hell-eck!

Because my husband could care less about the situation and says Quote "that is what those skanks get for being promiscous" i need to vent somewhere else....enter the blogging world of women! For those of you who do not know i am an avid watcher of the bachelor well until last night! Slight re-cap...brad womack...super cute guy from texas (gotta love texas) was chosen and he got down to his final to girls. which were both cute and educated and funny and one was very opinionated!!! Which i loved. So for the first time in bachelor history I was going to be sad for which ever one he didnt chose. usually I hate one and love the other and swear I will never watch again if he picks the dumb one....but not this time they were both great....ANYWAYS he gets to the last point of choosing one and he disses them both!!! Wait come again... I am sooooo frustarted. what a...a... i dont know. So if you watched and would like to shed some light on this for me pleased do so!!! I have (almost) lost faith completely in trashy, multi women dating and that just cant be!!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

halloween festivities!!!

I was planning on posting these two events on separate ocassions but as all of you probably understand things got heck-a crazy and sooo i decided to combine them.First this year to my great dismay ashlyn decided to be a fairy from a tinkerbell movie only moms with five year old girls has seen, but i let her decide and once again we ended up as a fairy princess thing. here's to hoping for next year! And i couldn't think of anything orginal for alysse soooo she was a boring ol lady bug however her costumes turned out to be alot cuter than i thought it would. so yeah. ANYWAYS..... On saturday we went to the ward TRUNK or treat...not to be confused with TRICK or treat. To shortly is held at our church and everyone decorates the trunks of their cars and the kids then walk around to each car and collect candy. It was super fun and the girls had a blast eating donuts playing little carnival games and getting little prizes.

The second event was halloween it's self..side note ashlyn also had a class party but i was a lame bad mom and didnt go so i have no pictures from that but ashlyn dressed up three days in a row so by actual halloween she was like again? But we went to a friends house and all brought yummy food...enter holiday weight gain, i think i am starting early this year! And then took the kids trick or treating in their neighborhood. it was awesome! everyone gave out full size candy bars...and chips was a big one this year. did anyone else get bombarded with chips? I also kinda forgot how fun it is to take a lil one on their first halloween outting. This year was alysse's first real halloween considering she was like four months old last year. and it is so much fun to watch her little eyes light up and she arent exactly sure why but people were handing her candy and no one was taking it away. she was screaming and smiling all night. All in all we had a great last couple of days and i am happy to say it is over and on with the holiday season. it is now onto making calendars, writing year ending letters, cleaning like crazy, buying presents, and some were in the middle trying to remind our kids (and ourselves) what the holidays are really about...i hope everyone had a great halloween and i cant wait to see all yout lil ones dressed up in their favorite super hero too....

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

family Pics 2007~

After seeing how good the williamsons family pictures turned out i decided that I wanted ours done. I decided to go really simple and just wear black shirts and jeans. We got all ready and went to the park. I was a little afraid they werent going to turn out because of the wind, and then we got there and just as we started taking pictures Summer(the girl who took our pictures) her camera died! Then I almost did! We decided to cancel and just do it another day i was so bummed because we were all there and dressed and in fairly good moods. So i asked her just just see if her camera would turn back on,and said a little prayer that it would!... it did and it worked long enough for us to get 257 pictures in twenty minutes! Thank you heavenly father! So I am asking for some help in choosing our family picture for this year because i am about to go cross eyed fromlooking at them for so long and they are all starting to look the same! And i cant deicide if i want to do them in cephia or color??? help....

Monday, October 22, 2007

who is your edward?

So for all my fellow twilight follwers....if you have not figured it out i am still totally obessed!!!and after reading the series i was a little worried that they (the producers) of the movie would NEVER find some oneon this earth good looking enough to play edward. And then I was at bella's house one day expressing my concern about the topic and she pulled up stephnie meyers page and showed me a picture of henery cavalli and oh my goodness! My heart sank and there he was! He is totally eveything i pictured edward to be. So now when i dream i dream of him...but i only think of him as edward now, which i know is slightly scary but i dont care! So i want to know who is your edward? And without further ado here is mine! well and like a thousand million other people too but i love him! Big hug, little kiss, little hug, big hug!! And dont worry my husband just thinks i am weird and laughs at me!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Kinda random!

Kinda random but I finally downloaded the pictures from my amazing weekend alone. not very many of them came out...tear! But I still wanted to post my glorious weekend with out children.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Apples, pumpkins and money!

This has been a fun my parents decided to come grace us with their presence from calfornia for the week. And in fall everyone else we decided to hit up the u-pick farm. Ashlyn rode a horse named sam.We ate apple donuts,and cookies...and We had a really good time picking apples. Alysse was extremely content to sit in a pile of apples and take a single bite out of each one. Ashlyn was excited to pick the perfect pumpkin. As she went searching for the perfect one she turned over a pumpkin to find a five dollar bill. She was so excited to find the money she ditched the pumpkin idea to look for more money she raced thru the field but was a little disapponited that she didnt find any more... All in all we had a great time enjoying the smell of the apple trees and pickin pumpkins. I love good ol'family fun.... sorry I got a little picture crazy!!!