Tuesday, January 29, 2008

some pictures of what keeps me going!

i have been really bad with posting lately mostly because we have not been doing a ton lately, due to me feeling horrible! But i am starting to feel better. YEAH!!! and so this last week i took some pictures of the girls that made me laugh. They really help keep me in good spirits as i am feeling so gross. So i hope you get a laugh out of them too! Small explanation...alysse has awesome bed head and the other morning it was exceptionally beautiful. and so was her mood. Oh ...and the weird face she is making in all the pictures...is her saying "chheeeessse" the only way she will let me take her pictures is by saying "say cheese" and she does. So i know it looks like she has to go potty but she is really being happy! Enjoy!


eRiCa said...

LOVE HER BED HEAD...mailee's gets like that too! And it's so funny to read that she says "CHEEEESE" all the time...I swear all my pics of mailee lately have been of her lovely cheese face! your girls are adorable! glad to hear that you're finally feeling better.

Heitmann Family said...

Lauryn is our bed head kid. She even gets it during the day, right in the back of her head. I don't know how to keep the rats nest from happening!! Cute girls and I am glad you are feeling better. It is amazing my outlook on life once I started to feel somewhat human!!

M & S Eagar said...

I'm also glad you're feeling better. It was fun to see the cute pics of the girls! We got your e-mail about Great Wolf Lodge. We went to Sandusky last year for Spring Break and stayed at Castaway Bay. It was A LOT of fun! We never left the hotel for 3 days! Anyway, we appreciate the invite, but Matt and Emma both have school so it probably won't work for us. Matt's Spring Break is the 1st week of March and Emma's isn't until the 2nd week of April! Nice timing, huh?! We would love to get together though.