Thursday, June 5, 2008

MY HUGE project...the house!

Like promised in my last post I said I would fill everyone in our new house. We are still only renting since we will have absolutely NO intention of staying in detroit A MINUTE longer than we have to... but it is so much fun being in a house.

Both the kids have loved having an actual back yard! we thought it was really cool too until I had to actually mow it yesterday. it took me two hours and I was covered in dirt and grass. We have a nature preserve that backs up to the yard...ashlyn says it looks like the secret garden...and we have seen all kinds of fun animals back there I am just waiting to see some not so exciting snakes!!!

So every waking moment has been spent doing things to and with the house. My mom and I (really my mom) but i will prertend planted a garden. The kids are having fun watching things grow and watering. We planted some strawberries but alysse has yet one berry grow. as soon as she sees a berry green or red she picks it and throws it. So we will have to see if we actually have a decent berry to eat! But she loves to help water!!!

After planting the garden I got quite the green I want to plant things thumb and started planting flowers. So I planted flowers on the side yard and in fron of the house. And I am happy to say they have not died ....yet! I now the picture looks really exciting but it really is to me!!!

I also have slowly but surely been adding stuff to the inside of the house. We have four bedrooms now so the girls each got their own rooms. Ashlyn was so excited and i told her we would decorate it however she wanted. Well she picked a daisy garden room. It isnt done yet but we made some curtains and I thought they turned out really cute. And then took frames from her old room and added flowers to them to match every thing. The next thing we are going to do is make butterflies, and ladybugs to put up everywhere and picket fence. I will post it when it is all done. It might be a year from now but we will finish it

So far we have really enjoyed being here and It has kept me busy with constant projects...the next one is the basement!!! But we have loved every minute of it and are so happy to be out of the condo/apartment phase.


Jeff and Alison said...

Yeah! That looks like a great place for you! I am so glad you get to enjoy a house for the next two years :)

Heitmann Family said...

Congrats on the house. It is nice to have more space and a yard!!

eRiCa said...

your house is darling. A backyard and a garden...I'd be in heaven!! Ashlyn's room looks way cute and I can't wait to hear about all the rest of your projects. Hope you're feeling well. Are you watching the Bachelorette?

M & S Eagar said...

How fun and Ashlyn's room looks cute! We planted a little garden too and none of it better die! It actually cost quite a bit of money to buy everything we needed and our garden is very small. I love my flowers however. I'm hooked - and keep looking for more places to plant more flowers!