Saturday, September 15, 2007

OUR little family bike ride!

We finally got bikes after years of wanting them. And we have been enjoying several family bike rides. So I decided to bring my camera on our little outing. We were having a great time but after a few minutes of family fun, we looked up to see a huge black cloud moving in our direction.... ashlyn wanted to keep riding until it started raining. and then a complete down pour.! Ashlyn starts screaming "now i dont have to take a bath!" So we let the kids play in the raion as we laughed at them. It was a great way to end a long stressful week!


Heitmann Family said...

Some good ole' fashioned family fun. I used to love playing in the rain. So fun!!

Erica said...

FUN!! Thats awesome you guys got's one of our favorite things to do. I loved the pictures of the girls on their bikes. I hope the coming week isn't so stressful for ya!