Tuesday, October 2, 2007

my weekend with no children!

I decided that i needed a little "mommy freedom". time to worry about no one or no thing but myself. So I decided to go to colorado and see my two favorite brothers. I was really worried about leaving the girls. I had never left alysse for more than a few hours and here I was leaving her for three days. As all of you know..i am slightly OCD with my lists and things being my way...which of course is the right way. So i was freakin out that after leaving my kids with aaron for three days...that he would not listen to the fifteen page manual on child raising that i left him. and that i would find my house in a "lord of the flys" state when i got home, but to my shock and disbelief he did really well and even did the girls hair, and helped ashlyn prepare a talk for primary. The house was relatively clean and the girls had been feed. I was so proud of him because I knew he was really trying.
I had so much fun pretending to be slightly independent. It was great. We stayed up late laughing, and eating way to much food. i got to see my brother play in his first homecoming college football game...and he did awesome! And got to spend some quality time, shopping with my mom. Which does not happen very often since i have had children... for some reason my mom finds thme so much more interesting then she does me. I would encourage all who read this to take the time to stop for just a minute and spend some time on you, Your husband will appreciate you more ( know mine was glad i was home to do the laundry and do the girls hair) and you realize that you love your kids more than is humanly possible. And you will appreciate the friends that you have, and take advantage of often when you need them to babysitt! Thanks bell...your the best!

i will post pictures from my fun filled weekend soon!


The Deeds said...

I wish I had my own time. Will you fly out here and watch Brooklyn so I can get sleep. I'm So jealous, I dont remember what alone time is. Today i had to leave Jiu-Jitsu early because Brooklyn decided it was no longer fun. I hope you guys are doing good.

Erica said...

totally jealous! I know bret would let me go off for a weekend, however, I just don' tknow if i'd be able to do it. The longest I've been away from ella is when I was giving birth to mailee and Mailee...oh about 3 hours!! I need to think up an excuse so that I can go off for a weekend! I'm sure you had tons of fun! I can't wait to see pictures. And YAY for Aaron...seriously impressive!!

M & S Eagar said...

you go girl! live it up!!! Hey I'm trying to talk Matt into letting me come up with Emma for a girl weekend sometime! Ya know how it goes...i want to talk vacation and he wants to talk finances!!!

By the way, thanks for the info. about Rebecca. Darick sent us an email with pics but I can't open any of the pictures.

Heitmann Family said...

Good for you!! I am glad that you got some good alone time- something we all wish we coul have more often. Husbands are wonderful for at least trying- think about the disaster that would unfold if we took over their job for three days. I don't even want to think about it!!! Glad you had fun!!

M & S Eagar said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY you young thing!!!
Have a wonderful day! You deserve the very best!!!