Monday, July 23, 2007

Lil' diva turns five!

So the grand event finally took place, ashlyn turned five.!!!! I was a little worried that it would not live up to her four and three quaters year old expectations, but I was happily surprised. She decided to have a tinkerbell themed b-day after much debate about eactly what it was we would be doing for her. And with just moving to michigan it was a small party. But I decorated after she went to bed and when she woke up the next morning she was so excited to come into the living room and see everything decorated! it was a tinkerbell-polooza .She could not wait for her "guests" as she kept calling them to show up. Her party went great having only a few kids ended up working to my advantage. I was not stressed out, nor did I feel any need to impress because it was so low key. It could not have gone any better! Ashlyn has been bugging us endlessly to let her get her ears pierced...We were going to make her wait until she was eight and that could be her baptism present, but the more i thought about it i was like you have made this awesome commitment to the lord now let's go put holes in you ears! So I decided that now was a great time to let her do it. Aaron wasnt as convinced about the whole thing...but finally he got sick of me bugging him and gave in. Sooo after her party we surprised her and took her to her favorite pre-teen, glitter enfesited, jewel wearing, diva mecca Libby Lu... and she picked out some cute little earrings and I started getting nervous...yeah me! not her she was as cool as a cucumber! I kept telling her not to feel pressured and that if she got scared we could do it another time. My hands were sweating, i felt sick to my stomach, and here is ashlyn hops right into the little chair and grabs my hand and tells me " it is ok mom i want to do this!" So with and poke and punch...she now has her ears pierced and I must admit it is the cutest thing i have EVER seen. And I excpected at least a few tears Heck i was crying...but nope nothing! She smiled and said am I done? She went and picked out a few pairs of earrings for when she can change them. and was on her way! So my conclusion to this whole ordeal is that my baby really IS growing up and it is very bitter sweet. It is sad on one hand to watch her grow, but on the other it is really cool to be there as she does!


Erica said... have a 5 year old!!!! that's soo crazy she's five...i sitll remember holding and snuggling with her when she was just little! lucky you to have a low key stress free birthday party! i can't wait to see pics of ashlyns ears and her party! what a sweet little girl! don't you think that mom's should get a present on birthdays for their kids as well? i mean...we went through labor on that day right?!! :P

Jeff and Alison said...

Adorable!! I have to say as much as I would LOVE to have that experience, I hope it isn't for Jack's 5th birthday!

Can't wait to see the pictures!!


M & S Eagar said...

Yeah pierced ears! I can't wait to see them. I'm also really sorry we didn't call yesterday on her Birthday. We remembered and talked about it, but we are in Idaho, had late afternoon church and when we were ready to call, it was too late. Tell her Happy Birthday from us and I'll try to have Emma call soon. I'm also glad she had such a fun party! Even though we're so close, we still really miss you guys. We need to get another "reunion" on the calendar soon. Anyway, it's late and I'd better catch up on some zzzz's


The Nielsen Family said...

Candace, I can't believe Ashlyn is 5!! That is the cutest story and I know I would have reacted exactly like you did. Ashlyn sounds like she is quite a mature 5 yr old.

Dan and Amanda Arrhenius said...

Hey we want to see pictures! Post them, post them. Happy birthday to Ashlyn.