Saturday, June 23, 2007

Our family fun filled weekend!!!

Matt and stacy came to see us in Detroit for the weekend, and we had soooooo much fun. Friday we went out to dinner, and then went and drove "adult" go karts...they can get up to thirty miles an hour...which when driving a go kart is pretty darn fast! Ok, soooo yeah I am a pretty big nerd! But we had an absolute blast! It was great to spend some time together with out children.
Then Saturday we went to the beach, we once again had lots of fun with all the oldies but goodies! The Williamsons, Freestones, Eagars, us and the new comers the futrells. Jon got thrown in with his clothes on, and someone missed a few spots on emma's face with sun screen...we had a good day. And finshed it off with a dinner date at Pei Wei and smaller chain of PF Changs! We counted...and there were 14 kids to five couples and as they all started throwing rocks in the parking lot we couldnt help but wonder if we were all slightly crazy to take some many children out in public at one time! We were really sad to see the eagars leave, but there will always be d-town!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like so much fun! It is so great that you are all in Detroit together, hope you are liking it!

Bella said...

hahahaha gotta love it! I'm so tired from this past week, I needed a day off! Talk to you soon!

Erica said...

K so answer your questions:
1)i'm not sure what you mean about the pictures in a box thingy on my blog page but if you're talking about the pics i use in the posts i use photoshop and arrange them by hand and make the colored background...if you're talking about the pics on teh side...well let me know ifthat's what you're talkign about so i don't have to explain it here if it's not...make sense?
2)yeah i've been doing photography for the past 2 years in Iowa (i did it a lot in utah), and did it all for free for students...i've been getting way too many requests lately and spending way too much of my time on them so I am now charging :) wish your cute family was still close by..i'd take the pics for you for free :)
3)your girls are sooo adorable! I love seeing the pics of them and so does BRet so keep posting!. It looks like you're having a blast! I still think it's soo cool that it worked out that all your friends from Iowa are where you're at as well...too cool! anyway, i'll stop writing a novel now...just know that i check your blog everday and love being able to see what you're doing!

Becky Thalgott said...

Hey Candace!! I love your blog and love your photos. Your girls are SO gorgeous! And getting so big. It was great to catch up and it looks like you guys are doing great. Congrats on the graduation. Yay! One more milestone out of the way, huh?! I'm glad you found our blog too. It's fun to catch up with everyone! Tell the fam hi for us!

Erica said...

Hurry up and post something new...I check your blog everday! :)