Saturday, June 23, 2007

Our family fun filled weekend!!!

Matt and stacy came to see us in Detroit for the weekend, and we had soooooo much fun. Friday we went out to dinner, and then went and drove "adult" go karts...they can get up to thirty miles an hour...which when driving a go kart is pretty darn fast! Ok, soooo yeah I am a pretty big nerd! But we had an absolute blast! It was great to spend some time together with out children.
Then Saturday we went to the beach, we once again had lots of fun with all the oldies but goodies! The Williamsons, Freestones, Eagars, us and the new comers the futrells. Jon got thrown in with his clothes on, and someone missed a few spots on emma's face with sun screen...we had a good day. And finshed it off with a dinner date at Pei Wei and smaller chain of PF Changs! We counted...and there were 14 kids to five couples and as they all started throwing rocks in the parking lot we couldnt help but wonder if we were all slightly crazy to take some many children out in public at one time! We were really sad to see the eagars leave, but there will always be d-town!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Alysse turns one!!!

On June 12th Alysse turned one! She was so darn cute...We didnt really plan anything because ashlyn's first birthday was such a diaster, but alysse was happy, and good spirited about the whole thing! It has always been a dream of mine to have a child that just goes crazy on the cake for their first birthday! Ashlyn just ashlyn and didnt but alysse totally came thru! She went crazy and ate like 2/3 of the cake it was sooooo cute and she was pretty happy about it too! We took her to the beach/lake for this grand event and played in the water and had a little b-b-q with the williamson's! It was all around a great day and my baby is one now! TEAR!!!

and in the beginning... I cant lie, I never had any intention of starting one of these...but a few poeple started blogs, and it was really fun to read about what they had been up to and see pictures of their beautiful families it was cool to still feel connected millions of miles away...then a few more started blogging, and now it is a freakin' craze! Soooo being the trend follower that I am I decided to start one too...we will see how this goes! Bare with me because I am not very good at this!