Wednesday, January 28, 2009

a long time coming!

So it has been FOREVER since i have posted anything new...not because we have been living in a hole but because we have been really busy with LIFE!!! I always am saying i am going to do all the things i need to finish when life slows down...but I come to the realization that life never slows down you just try harder to keep up.
~with that being said I decided it would be a good idea to just start fresh and not try to go back three months and talk about everything that has happend!!! It would be a novel not a blog post!!! So here is a quick blog about what we have been up to...

Aaron is in his three month rotation of sucks!!! He has to do over night shifts about twice a week, and i HATE being alone at night. So needless to say we will be very excited to see this rotation end in march. Then he will only have three months left of his second year!!!! and when he isnt working he is constantly shoveling the eighty feet of snow we have had so far this year!!! We are very ready for it to be spring!!!

I have been trying to keep up with life (As i stated earlier) and have been playing basketball which is truly the highlight of my week...

Ashlyn is really starting to take off with her reading and i can often find her with a book, reading. She has also found a new love in the wii. We borrowed mario party from some friends and on a daily basis she hounds me to play. She keeps losing teeth faster than they are coming in...and she loves to play with macey. She is quite the little mother...but i think it comes with being the oldest.

Alysse....weelllll is alysse. She is entering that funny stage of trying to do it all by herself. and she is a very determined little bugger. she recently decided she loves all things scary or mean. She loves spiderman and batman. She only will eat "piderman nacks" (spiderman snacks). She also decided that she wanted to start potty training reminding me every thrity seconds that if she went in the potty she would get piderman undies. So I broke down and bought her them and it lasted all of twenty minutes...but i am going to keep trying. I love this age because they say sooooo many funny things and still just dont care about what ANY body else thinks!. because of alysse i have broken almost every rule on my "i will never let my children list." but she is alot of fun.

Macey is who started this whole do a new blog post mess...because she is SIX...yes SIX months old today. With each one of my children the time just flys more quickly!!! when we hAd ash i was like wow she is aaron's mini-me, until we had macey!!!! Holy cow I dont think she could be anymore beaner!!! She is starting to sit up and rolls all-over. well just over then she gets really mad, and i have to roll her back over. it is a little game we...or she likes to play. She is by far my best eater...and it shows. the little piggy weighs almost 17 pounds!!! I know that is not an incredible amount but let me put it into perspective alysse to date weighs 22 pounds!!! And ash weighs 44! sooo at six months she is doing quite well at catching up with her sisters. She has also found a sniffs...she just would not fit in without one and it is really cute to put her to bed with her little blanket and her little thumb.
well i guess there we go! i hope everyone is doing well, and we miss all of you!