Friday, April 18, 2008

Daddy& daughter dance

Ashlyn got to go to her first school dance tonight!... with her dad. It was so cute to see how excited she was to go ...because we both understand that the day when we are the LAST person she would want to go with is quickly approaching. So we did her nails and make-up. Fancied up her hair and put on her favorite princess dress, and crown. She was squealing with delight. Aaron surprised her with a corsage, and took her to dinner. then to the dance.I dont even get dates like that anymore! I dont know who was more excited me or ashlyn. I was so proud of aaron for being such a good dad, and it was so cute to see ashlyn so excited. They had lots of fun and it was a sweet memory that we will all cherish

Saturday, April 12, 2008

the terrible twos are hitting early!

Alysse has two months before she "offically" hits two but the signs of a two year old are all around us! I have a really hard time not saying "but ashlyn never did that"! I am very quickly coming to the conclusion that ashlyn was an angel child...and alysse...well...not so much. Now before I am cast into the world of horrible mother's (it will not be the first time!) for saying my child is a spawn of the devil...Here are some pictures of her latest talent. It all started the other day, ashlyn was going to a birthday party and i was helping her wrap the present...when i realized it was WAY to quite for alysse to be doing anything good. I walked into the hall way because the door was open and ashlyn went towards my bedroom. Next thing i knew...i hear "MOM HURRY HURRY COME HERE QUICK!!!" I go running (as fast as my prego goodness could carry me) into the bathroom to find a toilet filled with treasures. It seems that while ashlyn and i were busy with the present alysse had collectively gone to each room and found fun things to fill the toilet with. A book, some little people figures, a shirt, a lip gloss, a toothpaste box...etc. I was like 'child what am I going to do with you?'...and then I was relieved that she has not YET leanred how to flush it because that would have been really bad! Since then I bought toilet locks. Only to go into the bathroom the other morning and find she had totallly figured out how to get them open...and had again filled the toilet with clothes (to the rim) from the laundry basket. This time... not so funny...and the next time, even less. I dont know what to do. She also has been throwing major fits if she doesnt get what she wants. and she now completely refuses to stay in the cart while i try to grocery shop. And can wiggle her way out of the restraint buckle!! So then she stands up and throws herself forward until i let her down. She then immediatly runs in the opposite direction!!! I am totally going to lose it. and I am pregnant!!! HELP! I am just hoping that maybe since it started early it will end early??? Here's to hoping!