Thursday, August 30, 2007

I am so proud...

so everyone loves their siblings. well once you dont have to live with them anymore.!:) And I am so excited my brothers had their first college football last week and my mom sent me some pics. I am the "proud" sister so I just have to display!!! My brother kyle is starting as a freshman! I love them and miss them and wish I could fight off all the bad girls that try to distract them. I was raised around football and sports so I love this time of year and watching the college teams play.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Alysse is at that stage....

So alysse is at that stage were..well how do i put it (from a mother that adores her HIGH spirited child) welll...she is kinda not cute. Her hair is just long enough that it is wild and it is stick straight...unlike ashlyn who has natural curl (from dad) poor alysse got mom's monkey hair. Next her teeth are coming in so her gums are swollen and her pointy tooth has come in before her top two sooo she has a snaggle tooth. she has a rash on her chin from the water fall of drool that is come from her swollen mouth and No matter how hard I try she is always dirty. So I am just going to laugh and you can too at the expense of my little ugly duckling!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

to niagra falls and back!

Ode to canada! We decided this weekend to get away and go see niagra falls! We however did not put much thought into the fact that we were leaving the country and did not take out any american money before we left so twenty minutes after getting grilled by the boarded patrol, the girls got hungry so we stopped at good ol' tim hortons only to find that they only take cash, and we have none. No problem...enter gas station across the street. So aaron ran over to the gas station only return with no cash because our debit card would not work out of the country. I have never felt so poor in my entire life. Iwent thru my purse and the car plus...and stole the 59 cents ashlyn had brought to buy a little something special ...all and all we had two dollars and fifty nine cents.which was just enough money to buy a cup of soup for the girls. People kinda watched us and we shared the single bowl of soup between the two girls...once again very humbling. We figured once we got to niagra falls things would get better and we could get some cash some where. enter scary shop with bongs, and glass pipes for sell on the counter in which ashlyn replied " look mom a bubble blower" I quickly diverted her towards the candy. We finally were able to get some cash and headed for our extremely over priced hotel. We went with the more expensive one because we were only going for one night so what the heck right??? And we wanted the kids to have fun. Well the hotel was horrible. the shower was totally dirty and there was dirt in the pool but no beach so the dirt was from people just getting in and you could not see to the bottom. If I have one piece of advice it is go to niagra falls durning the week. One hotel we looked into was 110 durning the week...and 376 on the weekend. Ok so About this point we were wondering if we should just go home. Enter the Falls. .. we decided to go down and ride the maid of the mist. It was so much fun and the girls had a blast they were laughing the enter time and ashlyn loved being on the boat! Alysse did really good and sqeauled as she got wet. After that our adernaline for fun was back in tact and we went and did a little exploring. The eagars told us about a herserys store that was really cool so we set out to find it. It was amazing there was choclate every where !!! Aaron got the best brownie I have ever tasted there!!! If you ever go this place is a must! After loading up om choclate we went back to the hotel and crashed. The next day we got up and went to the butterfly conservatory...another must. I have never seen so many butterflies in my life. Alysse was going crazy and once again squealing when they would land on her. My camera died so we only got a few pictures so disreguard me looking really mad and look past me at all the butterflies. Anyways to end my descriptive novel...over all we had a good time and were happy to get away and focus on what is really important...just being together!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

We love playing with playdough!!!

So we love playdough at our house! Ashlyn loves to make cookies, and bugs and any other random creation she can think up. So yesterday I decided to let alysse in on the playdough fun. And needless to say she had a blast! My biggest problem was trying to get her not to eat it. So we are having fun create-n' some playdough magic, and then ashlyn brings out a knife to "cut her cookies with" and alysse goes nuts, and wants a knife too. And yes...i will let my five year old play with knives but alysse i had to think about for a second. I already know...not gonna be listed as mom of the year! So after ten mintues or so of screaming I gave alysse a plastic knife to cut with...and she was happy as can be. Until she figured out ashlyn's was better so i gave her the real butter knife for like two seconds and she was cutting up a storm. It sometimes amazes me how much the second child picks up. So all in all our playdough playdate was a success and the girls played so cute together. Ashlyn made cookies and snails... and alysse... welll...she made a mess!

Monday, August 20, 2007

A baby's job is never done.

This is one of alysse's favorite tricks. If i dont get her a snack fast enough then she gets one HERSELF...not to mention she loves emptying anything she can get into. I dont remember ashlyn being like that at all!! She was soooo sweet and mellow (she still is!!) and then there is alysse! This morning as i was getting ready to run my million and five arons...i came into the kitchen to find this. Apparently i had not made her breakfast fast enough soooo she got some herself. One of cheetos, cheerios, mini marshmellows, and mac-n-cheese packets!!! oh and pringles.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

From a seed of faith great things come!

So about a week ago we did a family home evening on faith and planted some little seeds, to demonstate the idea...right out of the mormon handbook of instuction...i know...however ashlyn loved it!! Well once the activity was over I had pretty much givin it up and had moved on. Well ashlyn took these little seeds on as her personal project. And about two weeks later...tah-dah some little white flowers sprouted!!! Ashlyn comes sprinting into the house shouting "mom look, look faith flowers!!!" "Momma I know why they grew, Every night I told them I believe. I had faith and they grew!!! I thought it was so cute so we took a picture of her little faith flowers!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

alysse's new talent!

Sooooo about three weeks ago we were at church and this really nice guy walks up to alysse and goes" hey alysse" and smiles to kinda play with her...well she in return gave him one of the dirtiest looks i have ever seen! We kinda laughed and apologized for her little look. (and we kinda thought is was a little funny because she had never done it before) Welllll... she did her "mean look" to every one she saw that day at church. and we thought in a couple of days she would just stop doing it. We were wrong. she is now perfected the dirty look, and ashlyn thru in the other night at dinner that "lysse, looks just like you momma when she does her mean look!" not exactly sure what that is suppose to mean but, the look is now losing it's appeal as i am constantly apologizing to every eighty-something in the grocery store that my child stares down! So laugh at my expense and enjoy a dirty look!